TAE Life Sciences Neutron Beam System

Revolutionizing BNCT Delivery

The World's First Compact Tandem Accelerator-Based Neutron Source Designed for a Hospital Environment

TAE Life Sciences is developing a state-of-the-art accelerator-based neutron source that is compact and engineered for optimum BNCT delivery. The neutron beam system (NBS) is part of TAE Life Sciences’ Neutron Irradiation Suite, which promises to be a complete BNCT solution and include all of the required components including the beam-shaping assembly, patient positioning system and ancillary equipment.


Product Features


Clinically optimized neutron spectrum
(2.5 MeV proton energy, 10 mA)


Proven lithium neutron target technology


Reliable and agile negative ion,
electrostatic, tandem accelerator


Most affordable particle accelerator design for in-hospital use
Small facility footprint
Flexible 1-3 treatment room configuration
Ability to treat more patients faster