Our Neutron Source

The Breakthrough is the Beam

TAE Life Sciences is developing a state-of-the-art BNCT platform, the heart of which is an accelerator-based neutron source that is compact, cost-effective and precision engineered for optimum BNCT delivery.

Our innovative neutron beam technology was developed at TAE Technologies, the world's largest and most advanced private fusion energy company. TAE Life Sciences will deploy the same patented beam technology to advance the potential of BNCT as a practical, widely accessible cancer treatment featuring low energy neutron beams capable of catering to unique clinical treatment protocols with a flexible beam intensity, coupled with a practical footprint for hospital or free-standing radiation treatment settings.

This technology utilizes a novel negative ion tandem design that has unique advantages including high reliability and a compact footprint compared to legacy accelerator designs. There are no moving parts, and it provides a small, well-controlled, predictable neutron source that minimizes the scope and complexity of beam shaping and facility shielding.



* The device being developed by TAE Life Sciences is for investigational use only and has not been approved for sale or commercial use.