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Alphabeam™ System

Next Generation Accelerator-Based Neutron System for BNCT

Alphabeam™ System

TLS’s Alphabeam System includes a compact tandem accelerator-based neutron source and other hardware and software components to provide a complete BNCT solution. Our system is designed to be installed in a hospital setting and can be configured in a single or multi-room BNCT center to meet your clinical, research, and capacity needs.

Treatment rooms includes fixed beam, beam shaping assembly, and a ceiling-mounted robotic couch for optimal patient positioning.

System Features

Compact Neutron Source for a Hospital Facility


Clinically Optimized

Low energy neutron spectrum (2.5 MeV proton energy, 10+ mA)


Proprietary, solid lithium neutron target technology

Highly Reliable

Agile negative ion, electrostatic, tandem accelerator
No moving parts

Cost Effective

Most affordable particle accelerator design for in-hospital use
Smallest facility footprint

Ability to treat more patients faster
Ability to treat more patients faster

Discovering the Alphabeam System

Take a closer look at the benefits of BNCT and our technologies that combine to provide a paradigm shift in cancer treatment.