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Alphabeam™ System

Transformative Accelerator-based Neutron System

Alphabeam™ System


Neutrons are subatomic particles with no electrical charge. Historically, neutrons for BNCT were only available from the core of a nuclear reactor, which posed a significant barrier to clinical research and adoption as a practical cancer therapy. Our Alphabeam System (ABS) includes a compact tandem accelerator-based neutron source designed to be installed in a hospital setting and can be deployed as a single or multi-room facility to meet your clinical, research, and capacity needs.

Discover the Alphabeam

A closer look at our proprietary technology that combined to create our game-changing approach to cancer treatment.


Low Energy

Clinically optimized neutron spectrum (2.5 MeV proton energy, 10+ mA)


Proven lithium neutron target technology

Highly Reliable

Agile negative ion, electrostatic, tandem accelerator
No moving parts

Cost Effective

Most affordable particle accelerator design for in-hospital use
Smallest facility footprint
Ability to treat more patients faster

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