About Us

We are TAE Life Sciences

At TAE Life Sciences, our mission is to advance BNCT and investigate its potential as a promising treatment for broad clinical use. The foundation of our revolutionary pathway to treatment is an accelerator-based neutron beam, derived from decades of groundbreaking work by TAE Technologies, Inc., an innovative leader in fusion energy technology.

Leveraging these advances, TAE Life Sciences is developing a holistic clinical platform for the next generation of BNCT: low energy neutron beams capable of catering to unique clinical treatment protocols with the ability to tune beam intensity, coupled with a practical footprint for hospitals or free-standing radiation treatment settings.

We have assembled a world-class, cross-functional team of clinicians, radiation oncologists, physicists and other researchers to enable us to bring our technology to those who need it the most.


Meet our Board of Directors


Dr. Bruce Bauer

Chief Executive Officer, TAE Life Sciences

Dr. Michl Binderbauer

Chief Executive Officer, TAE Technologies, Inc.
Stuart Peterson

Stuart Peterson

Co-Founder and President, ARTIS Ventures

Dr. Artem Smirnov

Chief Technology Officer, TAE Technologies, Inc.