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Infusion Room Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

BNCT is a targeted, non-invasive combination cancer treatment. A patient is first infused with a non-toxic, non-radioactive boron-10 compound, which selectively accumulates in tumor tissue. TAE Life Sciences is developing a portfolio of novel target boron drugs to improve targeting, accumulation, and retention of boron in cancer cells.

Boron Administration

BNCT is a binary treatment. First the patient is administered a targeted boron containing drug through an IV two hours before radiation treatment. The drug is nonradioactive and can be administered without isolating the patient.

Treatment Delivery

After the infusion, the tumor is irradiated with low energy neutrons. The boron absorbs the neutrons in their nucleus and a highly energized reaction occurs breaking up the boron atom and releasing a Li and deadly alpha particle. This alpha particle causes double stranded DNA breaks killing the cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.

Tandem Accelerator

TAE Life Sciences’s Alphabeam System includes a breakthrough compact tandem accelerator-based neutron source designed to be installed in a hospital facility.

High Energy Beam Line

The proton energy is tunable and directed through the energy beam line to the correct treatment room.