Realizing the Curative Power of Biologically Targeted Radiation Therapy for
Cancer Care

Radiation Therapy Transformed

TAE Life Sciences is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by developing a biologically targeted radiotherapy historically called boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) for treating cancerous tumors. BNCT has been used to treat recurrent, invasive, untreatable, and metastatic cancers while sparing healthy tissues, all within 1 to 2 treatment sessions.

A safer approach to targeted radiotherapy Delivering boron-10 drugs with precision pharmacology

When boron is introduced into the body, cancer cells absorb the boron and after when the patient is irradiated with a low-energy neutron beam, the boron reacts with the neutrons and emits alpha particles that destroy tumor cells with minimal damage to healthy tissue.

The Alphabeam™
Neutron System

We combine deep understanding of particle accelerators and recent advances in neutron generation to provide an in-hospital accelerator-based neutron source.
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