Advancing Beyond Conventional Cancer Treatments:
Why Novel Therapies Are Critical to Continued Progress in Cancer Care

Dramatic advances in cancer treatment have completely transformed the landscape of cancer care in the last several decades. Yet, as the treatment outlook continues to improve for the preponderance of cancer patients, it brings challenges on the margins into greater focus. It’s increasingly clear that even the most state-of-the-art iterations of conventional surgical interventions, chemotherapies, and radiotherapies are not enough for the most difficult cancers, and aren’t right for many patients.

Effectively treating cancer is all about addressing the margins—and this provides a useful metaphor for the frontier of cancer treatment: The most important developments in cancer treatment will focus on novel, hyper-targeted treatments that can effectively address the large volume of unique and difficult-to-treat cancer cases that exist on the margins.

Get a deeper look at this critical frontier of cancer treatment by downloading a new white paper: Improving Cancer Treatment with Biologically Targeted, Tumor-Specific Particle Therapy. The paper looks closely at how particle therapies hold transformative potential to, both literally and metaphorically, treat cancer cases at the margins—and how the path to mainstream adoption of BNCT is taking shape.

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