TAE Life Sciences Neutron Beam System

Revolutionizing BNCT Delivery

The World's First Compact Tandem Accelerator-Based Neutron Source Designed for a Hospital Environment

TAE Life Sciences is developing a state-of-the-art accelerator-based neutron source that is compact and engineered for optimum BNCT delivery. The neutron beam system (NBS) is part of TAE Life Sciences’ Neutron Irradiation Suite, which promises to be a complete BNCT solution and include all of the required components including the beam-shaping assembly, patient positioning system and ancillary equipment.


Product Features


Clinically optimal neutron spectrum of 2.5 MeV energy
Or Epithermal or thermal neutrons (< 25 keV)


Proven lithium neutron target technology


Reliable and agile negative ion,
electrostatic, tandem accelerator


Most affordable particle accelerator design for in-hospital use
Small facility footprint
Flexible 1-3 treatment room configuration
Ability to treat more patients faster