Missed the PTCOG BNCT Symposium?

Advancing Accelerator-based BNCT for Cancer Treatment

Hear from industry leaders as they share insights on the current and future potential of clinical BNCT.

We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to hear this premier session and bring you an exclusive view into the challenges and opportunities for BNCT in cancer care. TAE Life Sciences is delivering a compact, integrated accelerator-based BNCT system for cancer care research and treatment globally, enabling healthcare providers to harness the power of biologically targeted radiation therapy for difficult-to-treat cancers.

Key points you will learn:

  • Why we need BNCT, understanding historical research and associated clinical trial outcomes.
  • Patient selection and clinical trials design at CNAO and Helsinki University: What patients would benefit from BNCT treatments and specific clinical considerations.
  • The latest development of new boron-10 and preliminary testing results
  • The status of current accelerator-based BNCT solutions from TAE Life Sciences and Neutron Therapeutics

PTCOG BNCT Symposium Video Access

Upon submission, an email will be sent with video access information.

Featuring key experts:


Maria Hawkins, MD

UCL, United Kingdom

Lisa Licitra, MD

CNAO, Italy

Tanja Mälkiä, MD

University of Helsinki

Chad Lee, PhD

TAE Life Sciences

Andrea Monte Hughes, PhD

CNEA, Argentina