Dr. Bruce Bauer

Chief Executive Officer, TAE Life Sciences

Dr. Bruce Bauer is Chief Executive Officer of TAE Life Sciences.

Following a career in the medical imaging industry, Dr. Bauer entered the private equity industry, ultimately founding Newbury Ventures and spending decades in international venture capital focused on healthcare, imaging, sensors, enterprise software, and industrial businesses.

Dr. Bauer is an active investor and entrepreneur; he has spun out technology into new companies, developed products for international markets and built management teams with cross border operations.

Before founding Newbury, Dr. Bauer was a Principal at Berkeley International Capital, directing the firm's investments in healthcare and software. There, he built and managed a broad investment portfolio of healthcare and technology companies. He founded and is Chairman of Berkeley HealthEDU, a Delhi-based leading training and education company for healthcare professionals. Dr. Bauer has led investments in NextBio, Sentillion, Okena, PS'Soft, PacificEdge Software, Landmark Graphics, Nellcor, Sepracor, Lumisys, Crystal Semiconductor, Resound, Ventritex, Dianon Systems and Protocol Systems.

Dr. Bauer holds B.S.E. and Ph.D. degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University.